Samroxx Attendant Console

samroxx logoThe revolutionary samroxx attendant solution is built on a strong foundation of leading edge technologies. All interactions and visualizations have been refined to the last detail and adapted to the needs of modern users. The perfect harmony of design and technology create a completely new and stream-lined customer experience. The result is an attendant solution that is perfectly integrated into todays (and tomorrows) marketplace.

Samroxx was designed to give you the full power of an attendant console and provides a native SIP connection to MS Lync – it is so much more than just a simple add-on to the MS Lync client! The setup and Administration of samroxx has been simplified to allow for a much easier installation experience.

Highly scalable for up to 100,000 contacts with real-time search performance. PowerFind™ search technology for smart look-ahead, full-text search, phonetic search, and typo-correction. Reverse search caller identification for incoming calls fully supported.

Voitec is the Master Distributor for Samroxx in APAC, we can help you with both Sales and Technical Support.

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