AI in a Cloud Contact Centre


Cloud contact centres are network-based services that provide a web-based alternative to traditional premises-based models. For instance, cloud contact centres are not restricted by a fixed geographic location; agents can be employed from around the world and simply need a computer, headset, and internet connection.

As the popularity of cloud-based contact centres has proliferated, so too has the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)—in the form of chatbots—in these modern, technological advanced centres. Chatbots can help to increase the efficiency and efficacy of a cloud contact centre to optimise customer interactions.

Benefit of AI in Cloud Contact Centre

Integrated Interactions

Nowadays, customers expect to be able to contact your centre through multiple channels, including email, phone, social media messenger, text and via your website. AI can help to streamline your contact centre by unifying all forms of interaction into a single, easy to comprehend interface. This kind of easy accessibility helps your agents to more quickly navigate customer interactions, enabling them to provide customers with swift and accurate solutions.

Better Supported Agents

Chatbots and intelligent analytics can help support your agents by helping them to diagnose a customer’s problem and providing them with prompts that will help to guide your agent on how to appropriately respond to the customer. This can be a valuable training and upskilling process for both old and new agents and means you don’t have to expend as many resources – including time and money – during the training period and beyond.

These prompts also help to maintain consistency across your team and ensures that your brand’s ‘voice’ is never lost. This can be aided through the implementation of a library of ‘canned phrases’, which agents can easily access and use. These phrases can be edited and adapted to suit the specific situation or can be sent as is.

Improved Speed and Accuracy

Chatbots are able to improve the speed and accuracy of your cloud contact centre through their ability to triage problems and answer frequently asked questions. This feature of chat bots means that smaller issues are quickly and easily dealt with and frees up your live agents to be able to deal with more complex customer problems and interactions.

If an interaction needs to be escalated from a bot to a live agent, the entire history of the bot interaction will be supplied to the agent, providing the agent with full context as well as data like web page source information and social media content.

Easy Implementation

AI chatbots and analytics are incredibly quick and easy to implement into a cloud-based contact centre. The simple and seamlessly integrated interface makes using AI in your cloud contact centre extremely intuitive and easy for your live agents to learn and implement.

Flexible and Scalable

AI chatbots evidently do not require live agents to operate, and so are flexible and scalable to the demands of your cloud contact centre at any given moment. Thus, if your contact centre was to experience a sudden influx of customer questions or problems, chatbots are readily available help to ease the burden on your live agents.

CX CLOUD® Virtual Assistant

The CX CLOUD® Virtual Assistant is a combination of AI with the skill and finesse of live agents. Virtual Assistant provides your business with a chatbot function across multiple platforms, streamlining it into a single, easy to trace and understand interface.

Moreover, Virtual Assistant provides support to your live agents by helping them to diagnose problems and providing them with prompts which will aid them to swiftly and deftly answer customer queries.

Our intelligent chatbots are even able to recognise natural language phrases and colloquialisms, and social media emojis. As such, our Virtual Assistant is not only able to analyse the content of a customer interaction, but the emotions as well.

CX CLOUD® is able to connect your Virtual Assistant to almost all social media applications. That way, you can ensure consistency and efficiency from all aspects of your contact centre.


AI in the form of chatbots and analytics can be extremely useful when combined with cloud contact centres to optimise efficiency and customer satisfaction. Moreover, it can also help to support your live agents and enhance their skills and interactions.

The CX CLOUD® Virtual Assistant provides your business with a solution to the problem of channelling and handling vast amounts of new enquiries. With Virtual Assistant, you can improve the productivity and efficacy of your contact centre.