Creative Virtual

Creative VirtualCreative Virtual helps enterprises find and share their voice.

Our conversational platform is designed to help businesses leverage their collective knowledge to deliver personalised experiences to their customers across contact channels.

Over the years we’ve developed a suite of tools and products that manage the entire process, from integration with other enterprise systems to management and testing. Due to its power and flexibility, our technology can integrate with any system, web service or interactive technology on the market, giving you the ability to easily deploy virtual assistants on any website, as a user-friendly mobile application, using IVR or through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

From contact centres to customers, our system is designed to enable you to focus on being creative with the content that drives the customer experience.

Knowledge Management: V – Portal™

Combine conversational analytics with knowledge management

V – Portal, our knowledge management, workflow management and business intelligence reporting platform, allows companies to manage cross-channel content from the web, contact centres, live chat transcripts, internal databases and customer experiences from a single platform. Customisable user permission and workflow settings give organisations complete control over the creation, approval and publishing of content. Robust, real-time reporting provides insights into customer behaviour and interaction, enabling you to actively use customer feedback to power your decisions.

Virtual Assistants: V – Person Web™

Provide smart self-service

Using advanced natural language processing technology, virtual assistants allow your customers to receive friendly, accurate and consistent service 24/7. For users, it provides the sensation of communication with a “real” person, able to not only answer their questions, but also to understand the context of questions, and hold conversations. A V – Person can seamlessly hand over the conversation to a real person if required, providing the perfect customer experience, scalability and cost balance.

Live Chat: V – Person Live Chat ™

Empower agents with an industry-defining feedback loop

As customers ask questions, V – Person Live Chat presents live agents with the response found in the virtual agent knowledgebase. Agents then have options to reply with the answer as it appears, send an edited version or type in their own response. They also have options to provide real-time feedback on content which automatically creates a change request in V – Portal as part of the workflow. Suggestions can be reviewed and updates easily deployed across all contact channels so live chat agents help keep content accurate for virtual and live agents just by doing their normal jobs.

Contact Centre: V – Person Contact Centre™

Deliver the right information to each agent at the right time

Agents communicate with the virtual assistant using natural language to obtain accurate feedback on customer questions or concerns instantaneously – resulting in reduced average call handling times ( up to 40%) and increased first contact resolution. You build confidence with customers by assuring consistent communication from all agents and across contact channels. These solutions also serve as a training tool to drastically reduce time to efficiency for live agents.

Mobile Customer Service: V – Person Mobile™

Talk to your customers on any mobile device

Businesses can now extend their conversation to smartphones, tablets or games consoles with our virtual assistants. V – Person Mobile can provide a conversational interface for any mobile application using apps, HTML5 and SMS, and even layer on to existing talking apps to create a more robust, personalised experience for your customers.

Social Customer Support: V – Person Social Media™

Engage with your customers across social networks

V – Person Social Media integrates with any social media channel, including Facebook, Twitter, blogs and community forums. Posts can be liked and shared, as with any other post, and you control the sources and level of information delivered, such as approved community forums or third-party blogs as well as the internal information from your organisation.

Service Desk: V – Person Service Desk ™

Improve employee productivity and efficiency

V – Person Service Desk is designed to be complementary to the systems and processes already in place and can be easily integrated with Single Sign-On, ticketing systems and third-party databases, as well as with live chat systems for a personalised, seamless experience. By giving employees the proper tools to troubleshoot and solve common problems anytime, anywhere, you are able to ‘shift work left’, thereby reducing service desk costs and improving productivity.

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