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Now available via App Stores – samwin Mobile Agent

Experience the Freedom of Seamless Connectivity and Enhanced Call Management The samwin Mobile Agent is enabling businesses greater convenience and flexibility for their team. The latest generation of the samwin Mobile Agent is available in the app stores for Android and iOS. The samwin Mobile Agent shares key functionality with the professional samwin Web Agent,

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The Customer Experience in 2024 and Beyond

With data driven intelligence for the operator and contact centre As we start a new year, we often wonder what it will deliver so we can plan to help capture market growth. Afterall, future visioning and foresights are an important part of business planning. Here we look ahead at 2024 and beyond for the customer

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A Guide to Cloud Data Security for Contact Centres

In the modern era, where data is the new gold, ensuring its safety and security, especially in the cloud, is paramount. For business owners and large corporates with cloud contact centres, understanding and implementing robust cloud security measures is not just essential; it’s a business imperative. This guide delves into the intricacies of cloud data

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Contact Centre Pain Points – Part III: Business-Centred

Voitec’s three-part series ‘Contact Centre Pain Points’ has explored the multitude of ways that businesses can experience pain points and the steps that organisations can take to mitigate them. In Part I we considered pain points that impact customers and lead to lost sales, revenue and reputation. In Part II, we looked at pain points

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Contact Centre Pain Points – Part II: Agent-Centred

Pain points are specific problems within your user journey that can negatively affect the overall experience. Removing or mitigating these pain points can create a seamless interaction that has multiple positive flow on effects for your business. In this series, we are focusing on the most common pain points experienced by customers, by contact centre

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Customer Calling

Contact Centre Pain Points – Part I: Customers

What are the main call centre pain points, and how can they be solved? Every business will experience pain points, and it’s important that these are identified and mitigated so that your organisation can continue to offer an optimal experience for your customers and employees. In this series, we will explore the most common pain

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