Surfly – Universal Co-browsing

A Digital Experience without Replacing Your Contact Centre


Surfly is a co-browsing technology. This enables you to enjoy a digital experience, even if you are still operating a more traditional contact centre. You can offer your customers all the benefits of the digital experience, right alongside your existing system. Surfly helps you to deliver a personalised, more human customer experience, giving you a competitive advantage within a crowded marketplace.

How Surfly’s Co-Browsing Technology Works

Surfly allows you to quickly and easily share your web browser with the customer, letting you see customer issues and easily walk them through the solution. A real-time web sharing and co-browsing technology, Surfly facilitates seamless remote collaboration.

Surfly Features

Surfly features include:

  • Document Sharing: Easily share files online throughout locations and with customers.
  • Video Chat: Give customer communication a human dimension by conversing face-to-face to increase visual engagement.
  • Control Switch: Be guided by the customer or take control yourself by giving or requesting control of the website via the control switch.
  • Field Masking: Maintain customer privacy by setting controls over what inputs the agent can see during a session.
  • Action Log: Make agents accountable for every session. Watch conversations as well as agent and customer actions.
  • Behaviour Control: Define limits for what an agent can and cannot do during a customer interaction.
  • Customisable User Interface: The Surfly interface can be entirely customised to suit your digital assets and your product.
  • Integrations: Surfly can be easily integrated into your website, allowing you to communicate with customers without switching platforms.
  • Compliance: Communicate safely with customers that are required to follow specific security measures.
  • On premises: Store sensitive data on premises and stay secure.
  • High-Performance: Reduce latency and optimise performance by having access to a server in closest proximity.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: Open status page and set alerts mean you’re always aware of any potential issues.
  • Drawing Tool: Communicate visually and highlight specific areas to make communication easier.

The Benefits of Surfly

A universal co-browsing technology, Surfly offers a whole raft of benefits:

  • Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction: Surfly ensures that your company can provide a personalised, tailored experience for all your customers, ensuring that they feel valued and satisfied and more likely to become repeat clients.
  • Improved customer journey: Surfly’s technology allows you to track a customer’s journey through your website, pinpoint any areas in which they might be getting stuck, and streamline your process for a better customer experience.
  • First call resolution: Surfly can help you reduce the amount of time it takes you to diagnose a client’s issue and understand their needs. You can see exactly what their problem might be and resolve it much more quickly.
  • Reduced implementation cost: The advanced nature of Surfly’s technology makes the implementation process a breeze, particularly compared to its competitors.
  • Reduced overheads: Surfly has been proven to reduce administration costs, save time and eliminate previously paper-based processes. All this reduces company overheads.
  • Improved working experience for employees: By simplifying and streamlining interactions with clients, thereby reducing day to day frustrations, Surfly even improves the working experience and environment of your own employees.

Who Can Use Surfly?

Support teams, sales teams and advisors working from contact centres will all benefit from the implementation of Surfly.

In all cases, teams will benefit from the ability to communicate with customers behind the confines of a phone call. Being able to share the browser, highlight important areas, control the customer’s site and communicate face-to-face allows for a superior customer experience and will enable agents to satisfy customer demands and problems faster and more effectively.

This technology can be implemented alongside your current contact centre infrastructure, so it’s not a case of starting again. It’s all about optimisation, not wholesale replacement.

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