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Helping Healthcare Providers Deliver Customer Experience Excellence In The First Touch

The first encounter between a healthcare provider and a patient, as well as the community at large, is pivotal, establishing the foundation for the entire care journey. In today’s digital age, the modes of engagement with organisations are evolving rapidly. Digitisation has opened a variety of channels for the initial, first touch, engagement. Modernising and transforming their communications infrastructure, healthcare providers are now able to offer a more personalised and adaptable service experience, ensuring that the ‘first touch’ is not only efficient but also empathetic and human centric.

Hospitals and healthcare providers are encountering multiple drivers, compelling them to address the challenges and drive the modernisation and transformation of their telephony and communications systems:

Patient and Community Centric

Hospitals and healthcare providers are focused on enhancing the patient and community experience from the first touch, across multiple communication channels.

Streamline Communications and Operational Efficiencies

Efforts are underway in healthcare to streamline communications and improve the management of patient interactions and call flows. Combined with operational efficiencies, workflow automation is revolutionising the first touch.

Staff Shortages

The healthcare industry faces challenges in recruiting and retaining staff. However, technological innovations are bridging the staffing gap, particularly in first touch interactions, ensuring that patient care remains a top priority.

Data-Driven Intelligence

Real-time analytics are being leveraged to gain insights into call patterns and behaviour, enabling healthcare providers to optimise services and proactively respond to patient needs, ensuring a data-driven approach.

Business Continuity and Resilience

Resilience and continuous communications are critical, especially in emergencies and for frontline healthcare services. Providing uninterrupted patient care, the adoption of cloud and digital technologies, can bolster business continuity and resilience in your communications strategy.

Seamless Integration

Legacy technology and restricted budgets add complexities into seamless modern communications. Digitisation is enabling a connected and cohesive healthcare environment.

Voitec is committed to innovating healthcare communications. With our comprehensive telephony solutions, healthcare providers can ensure that every call, every interaction, and every patient is treated with the highest level of care and efficiency. Voitec is your partner in delivering world-class healthcare communications.

Use Cases

Continuous Communications

Business continuity is vital. Maintaining uninterrupted, continuous communication channels is not just a convenience; it’s a critical component of patient care and operational efficiency for healthcare providers. In the case of an outage or disaster, where phone lines have been cut or interrupted, CX CLOUD® Healthcare voice AI keeps you connected.

Modern Communications

Technology has driven a profound transformation in way we engage and communicate with organisations. A modern communications strategy enables organisations to innovate and adapt to serve their market, driving the customer experience from the first touch. CX CLOUD® Healthcare provides a comprehensive solution that leverages voice AI to enhance patient and community engagement, and drive innovation of service.