Conversational AI Solutions

How will your business benefit from conversational artificial intelligence (AI) technology? Artificial intelligence solutions allow your customers to access a personalised, knowledgeable tool that is available at any time of day. Conversational AI drives customer conversations, solves problems, and generates new business. Create a better customer service experience and scale your customer interactions with conversational AI solutions.

Discover how the power of AI can transform your business.


Customer-Centric Solutions

The modern customer demands fast, personalised service that makes it easy for them to access information and find answers to their questions. Our conversational platform is designed to enhance the customer experience by leveraging the collective knowledge of your business into accessible self-service tools.

Conversational AI solutions seamlessly provide your customers with the information and support they need, offering them the flexibility to contact your organisation at any time. They assist in offering a truly omni-channel experience, presenting chat functionality through the use of AI enhanced virtual agent, chatbot and live chat options. Conversational AI solutions allow you to offer smart, self-help services to your customers so they can troubleshoot issues in their own time.

Supporting Your Business

Streamline your contact centre processes and increase the productivity of your business. Conversational AI can support a larger volume of inbound traffic into a contact centre and provide extended hours of assistance. Intelligent AI solutions can assist in sorting and triaging customer requests and providing quick solutions to simple questions, allowing specialised live customer support agents to handle more complex enquiries.

Conversational AI can also assist in internal operations, managing the flow of inquiries and offering IT support for help desk requests and HR support for employee queries. Live customer service agents experience increased job satisfaction as repetitive tasks are channelled into AI processes, leading to better employee retention and workplace culture.

Bringing Together Human and Artificial Intelligence

Voitec partners with the conversational AI leader, Creative Virtual, to deliver seamless AI enhanced virtual agents, chatbot and live chat solutions for your business’ service desk or contact centre.


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