Co-Browsing Solutions

Boost The Conversation Using Collaboration Technology

Improve the customer online experience with greater collaboration and connect with customers in real time. Co-browsing (short for collaborative browsing) solutions enable customer service agents and customers to jointly navigate through a website or mobile application. Seeing what the customer is experiencing first-hand and providing a guiding hand, makes it faster and easier to assist in a sales or customer support enquiry. Helping create a more personalised customer experience.

Co-browsing solutions can make a difference to your business in many ways to drive greater customer service, including:

  • Enhancing your contact centre platform
  • Enabling real time remote collaboration
  • Optimise the customer support and transaction journey
  •  Remote on boarding new customers
  • Improve remote selling
  • Improve issue resolution

Drive the customer experience and connect smarter with your customers today.

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Powering Student Services With In-Person Online Experiences

The customer experience starts here. Learn how a higher education institution is supporting students in every step with Voitec and Surfly universal co-browsing.

  • More personalised engagements with quicker resolutions, reducing the time it takes to assist during each call.
  • Improved student support through overcoming communication and language challenges with real time sharing of the students screen to resolve problems.
  • Enables co-browsing external websites, creating a higher service level for students.

Securely Connect To Your Customers With Surfly, And Upgrade The Conversation

Surfly offers an advanced co-browsing technology enabling you to share your browser in real time, video chat, e-sign and edit documents securely to promote an exceptional customer experience. All within a secure Surfly session, built on top of Surfly’s interaction middleware.

Surfly enables you to create collaborative and compliant digital journeys without needing to change your application or install software, providing you with a more seamless and simplified solution.

“Together with Voitec, we will be able to put the power of Surfly’s universal co-browsing in the hands of companies that are looking for ways to improve the digital experience across their online portals,” Nicholas Piël, CEO and founder, Surfly.

In the world of high value customers, the stakes are high.

The customer experience starts here. Learn how a financial services organisation is changing the game with Voitec and Surfly universal co-browsing.

  • A secure visual collaboration co-browsing solution for client engagement in financial services
  • Extremely flexible to fit within the complex requirements of the banking environment
  • Shortened average call times without the loss of high customer service levels
  • Created better and deeper customer engagement through the use of visual communication co-browsing

USE caseS

Click to view our co-browsing solution use cases.

Use Case: Customer Engagement

Engage with your customers as if you were sitting side-by-side.

Use Case: Innovation and Collaboration

Innovate your customer experience with visual collaboration across the full digital customer journey.

Use Case: Remote Sales

Personalise the virtual sales experience to help shorten the sales cycle and drive conversion.

Use Case: Financial Services

Learn how a financial services organisation is changing the game with Voitec and Surfly universal co-browsing.


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