CX Cloud

CX Cloud is an innovation in customer-client communications, offering instantaneous multimedia capability and analytic tools to respond to the fluctuating needs of any modern service-focused firm.

Utilising the latest developments in cloud-based computing, CX Cloud offers the advantages of ‘traditional’ call centres whilst minimising overheads and investment. Cloud computing works to connect the processing power of an entire network of computers, minimising infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Designed to meet the highest standards of reliability in telecommunications engineering, CX Cloud is a powerful communications solution that will scale flexibly to even the most intensive of demand spikes whilst offering high-fidelity communications and analytics.

A Flexible, Virtualised Call Centre

CX Cloud offers an entire suite of multimedia communication applications in a unified and comprehensive system. This means that customer service agents can deploy any combination of voice communications, email, real time chat and social media to securely address customer queries.

All data is stored on our private servers to ensure that it is thoroughly secured. This offers unparalleled analytical possibilities to help optimise communications for both agents and customers. With instantaneous reporting and quality monitoring applications, authorised supervisor users can have more information at their disposal to drive productivity.

This customer service solution can be deployed instantaneously, to replace or complement existing communications infrastructure and employment structure. It also offers unrivalled flexibility in terms of operations, allowing for a decentralised network of customer-service agents to work in a variety of locations.

Why CX Cloud?

CX Cloud grants firms the technological edge to push businesses out of the call-centre era and into the information age. Today, customers expect impeccable service at all possible times to deal with problems that cannot be solved through a simple phone call.

Our suite offers a whole range of multimedia capabilities that enable rapid and precise responses. The flexibility of cloud computing allows this suite to be operated by any number of agents, to respond to all possible levels of demand, to fit the needs of any company.

Low overhead costs and a decentralised network of customer-service agents that can work depending on demand results in a cost-effective, productivity maximising communications solution that provides analytic tools for managers and flexibility for agents.

Lastly, CX Cloud allows for unrivalled flexibility in terms of payment options. Pay for only what you use and need, and nothing more. This is included in a comprehensive package of secure data management and cloud maintenance on our end, so your business can focus on what it needs to.

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