Samwin Attendant Console

Samwin attendant is one of the most high-performance attendant solutions available in the VoIP environment. Numerous special functions, absolute user orientation and the very latest technologies make this solution one of the strongest on the market.

The samwin attendant meets every customer requirement, whether it be a single-user installation or a high-end enterprise installation across different continents. The solution is adapted to suit your needs and supports the internal processes. Depending on the application, there are numerous performance features available which can be combined in anyway.

The SIP-based software solution draws upon 15 years of development and experience, which is of particular benefit to end users. Simple interaction and overview of the key information are essential elements of samwin attendant.

The wide selection of additional modules, such as HelpDesk, IVR, Reporting or real-time displays also allow the solution to be used as more than just a normal attendant solution. Flexibility, scalability and transparency in technology and functionality are of paramount importance.

The software application has been developed over the years to allow users to perform their work as effectively and professionally as possible, remaining pivotal to the system at all times. Many interactive steps have been simplified to reflect common practical requirements, and unnecessary intermediate steps have been automated. The interactive design is rounded off by additional, minor help functions. Despite the extensive technological possibilities in samwin, they have managed to provide the user with an extremely effective user interface which masks the actual complexity and allows users to work in a practical manner and according to their needs.

With the extensive ACD functions, callers can be allocated and received selectively. The attendant also has the option of parking callers or placing them in a queue according to priority. Diverse announcements and allocations allow several companies to be represented at just one work place. The integrated soft client allows the samwin attendant console solution to be operated without any additional hardware whatsoever.

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