Bringing Humans and AI Together in a Live Chat Environment

Live Chat

How companies can use artificial-intelligence-powered chat bots to bring humans together through live chat software, delivering better outcomes, services and experiences for customers.

A hybrid customer service solution—that integrates human customer service agents, AI-powered live chat software and virtual agents—is enabling organisations to connect with their clients in ways that haven’t been possible before.

This integrated approach is delivering increased levels of personalised, tailored customer service, particularly when it comes to that all-important first initial customer interaction. Consistently reliable and continually available, this integrated service solution could be the key to creating cost-effective and efficient modes of customer service for your business.

The Benefits An Integrated Approach Can Deliver to Your Business

For many businesses, superior levels of customer service are one of the most important means of acquiring new customers and maintaining positive relationships with existing customers. With the possibility of 24/7 access, futuristic thinking, increased possibilities for productivity and improved customer experience, the combination of human agents, AI-powered chatbots, live-chat software and virtual agents could offer a range of benefits to your business.

24/7 Access

In today’s modern world, people require constant connection, or at least the possibility for constant connection. That is why ensuring that your business has 24/7 access to customer support is integral in building reliability and engaging returning clients. An integrated approach could be the perfect solution to this dilemma. Human agents can deliver superior levels of service during business hours (or even extended business hours, if your contact centre operates using a stepped schedule), while AI-powered chatbots can take over (to an extent) outside of business hours. This enables your business to be constantly available to your clients.

With the internet and ever-advancing modern technology, people are increasingly accessing websites and services from all over the world. This makes 24/7 access to customer service vital for servicing customers globally, particularly when they’re located in different time zones to that of your customer service team.

Chatbots are fantastic in this regard, as they utilise artificial intelligence to provide targeted customer service and interactions at any time of the day, every day of the week. While chatbots might not be advanced enough to provide a complete solution to every customer, every time, they can point your customer in the right direction when your agents are not online.

We know that depending on the industry you are in and the kind of business you run, your needs will be unique. We provide intelligent, technologically advanced pre-built chatbots that can be easily implemented and can seamlessly integrate into the contact centre that you’ve already integrated into your business. Our live chat software can also be programmed to pinpoint precisely what your clients need and direct them to a solution, or a more experienced professional, depending on your customer service model, in no time.

The possibility for 24/7 access will help transform your business and increase customer satisfaction exponentially.

The Way of the Future

Technology is constantly advancing in today’s fast paced world, and artificial intelligence is no different. In fact, this may be one of the fastest growing areas in technology – especially for businesses and customer service.

Many people panic about the future of AI in workplaces, worrying that it may overtake the jobs of humans in the coming years. However, in reality, AI-powered technology will not overtake the jobs of people. Rather, AI will be used to support your staff, enabling them to provide more time-efficient and targeted customer service.

In a world where everyone is constantly in a rush, today’s consumers are typically quite happy to engage with AI, chatbots and digital tools when it comes to finding the information or assistance that they need. People are generally less willing to spend long periods of time on a customer service interaction or on hold.

So, in order to provide the best possible results, future-thinking businesses need to ensure quick and easy modes of customer interaction that allow for streamlined and efficient customer journeys.

An integrated customer service model is the perfect solution to this. More and more, customers are accessing self-service communications, such as those delivered by live chat software and AI-powered chatbots to answer simple questions and complete easy tasks. Then, for more complicated issues, customer service agents can provide tailored advice over the phone.

This type of integrated model enables businesses to provide targeted services, minimise the time customers spend on accessing assistance, and improve contact centre productivity—all while increasing customer satisfaction.

Increased Productivity

Not only will current and future developments in AI-powered chatbots and live chat software allow for increased productivity for customers, it will mean that your business is more productive and efficient. As stated previously, chatbots allow you to streamline customer journeys, providing a more targeted and specific customer experience.

For instance, live chat software enables you to transfer clients to appropriate agents which will, in effect, increase the satisfaction of your customers and the likelihood that they will become returning customers. Why utilise your employee’s time to undertake simple jobs that chatbots can complete in seconds? The implementation of chatbots can free up space and time for people to work on more technically demanding projects, or areas that requires superior expertise and understanding.

In all areas of your business, live chat software and chatbots will allow your business to thrive but utilising staff and AI where appropriate to increase productivity.

Improved Customer Experience

Live-chat and chatbots will do wonders for your ability to provide improved and optimised customer service experiences. With AI technology, customers will be able to quickly find their own way to expert information, or a real life person who is the most adequately equipped to help them find a solution to their problem. By allowing for a streamlined journey to speaking with a live person who understands the nuances of a customer’s problems, customers are more and more likely to find satisfaction in your business’ brand and its reliability.

In today’s increasingly digitised world, people are also constantly multi-tasking. Chat-bot technology is extremely useful in this sense as it allows people to spend time on a customer experience and receive help in a quick and efficient manner. Results have shown that the majority of customers prefer live chat technology as it allows them to multi-task.

Your customers and clients are the backbone of any business. By implementing live-chat software to improve your business’ customer service and productivity, you will also be exponentially improving the experience of your customers by decreasing the amount of effort they will put into the experience. This means it is the best choice for everybody!

Further Information

No matter the industry your business is in, there is no doubt that live chat software and chatbots are the future of modern businesses and contact centres. To learn more about the specific products and services we provide, simply visit our website. Or, alternative, you can contact us directly by calling 1300 884 928 or emailing us at