Local Council Customer Service Team Focused on Serving the Community

With CX CLOUD® contact centre integrated into Microsoft Teams for seamless visibility


  • CX CLOUD® integration into Microsoft Teams for seamless visibility across the council to deliver strong community engagement
  • CX CLOUD® contact centre technology scaling to the seasonal demands of the business
  • CX CLOUD® feeding the council with greater intelligence through reporting helping trouble shoot and drive customer care within the community.

At a Glance



The reception and customer experience in a Microsoft Teams Unified Communications environment

CX CLOUD® contact centre

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Local councils are the backbone of Australia, playing an important role in our lives. Being the closest to the community, they are a powerhouse in government and help drive innovation, as they build vibrant and resilient communities. They need to continuously build and drive efficiencies into the way they operate to better serve their community. One local council, did just that, focused on how technology and innovation could improve the first touch with the council’s customer service team.

Modernisation to enable better collaboration and accessibility for the community

Like many organisations, councils need to innovate and modernise their business operations. One local council realised they needed to modernise to ensure the customer service team was able to provide the right level of support for the local community. The council needed to replace multiple and legacy PBX technology, to pivot to the market conditions and as they moved to a Microsoft Teams environment.

Access to the right information was restricted with limited visibility on call traffic. To better serve the community, staffing with the right resources and drive a better community experience, the council needed regular access to the call traffic data.

Providing joined-up, efficient and effective public services is an important part of the council’s value proposition in servicing the community. The COVID pandemic accelerated the decision making for the customer service technology modernisation programme, with the need for greater flexibility that the legacy on-premises technology was unable to provide.

Embracing technology to build more effective relationships with the community

The local council is a vital community hub, and it was important to strengthen its resilience to support and help the community thrive. What the council needed was the right technology to support the community and to support the agents and council team, helping reduce staff churn. Looking at their requirements, the council’s IT and customer service team selected Voitec’s CX CLOUD®. The CX CLOUD® contact centre solution helped provide a seamless service from first touch into the heart of the council.

Voitec and their channel partner, listened to the team at the local council. For the first touch, into the customer service team, flexibility was critical, needing a combination of remote and on-premises functionality. So too was quality of voice, combined with multiple inbound touch points, operationally integrating effortlessly with Microsoft Teams to improve the visibility and call flow throughout the council. Additionally, the system needed to be scalable to support the seasonal demands, easily adding additional agents to support the increase in call traffic during rate payment season.

The team at Voitec together with their channel partner, helped navigate the technology, especially with the council’s complicated interactive voice response (IVR) requirements. With call routing to a third-party service after hours and multiple dial options departments within the council. As well as the migration of CX CLOUD® into Microsoft Teams for greater visibility, allowing for the presence status for all back-office Microsoft Teams users into CX CLOUD®.

Voitec’s managing director, Mark Owens explains, “technology integrations are never simple this is where the Voitec’s voice engineering knowledge and the team’s commitment to customer service excellence makes a difference for our customers. It was important we collaborated with the council’s IT department as an integral member of their team. Helping trouble shoot any voice traffic issues due to the strict council security policies and for the right service levels requirements for the community.”

CX CLOUD® contact centre solution has provided the local council with the technology tools needed to support the local community via their customer service team. It has been driving change and resilience, with remote working becoming part of the council culture, providing the council the flexibility for agents to work anywhere. Fuelling greater intelligence with reporting and dashboards, providing instant updates on performance of the team, helping trouble shoot and drive customer care within the community.