Hosting Your Help Desk In The Cloud

hosting your help desk in the cloud

If your business wants to provide the best possible level of customer service to your clients, you should certainly be looking at hosting your help desk in the cloud. With almost infinite scalability and flexibility, and reduced overheads, the cloud-based model offers myriad benefits to businesses of all sizes. Switching to cloud-based technology can significantly improve your business operations.

Benefits Of A Cloud-Based Help Desk

Flexibility and Scalability

A significant amount of flexibility and scalability comes with hosting your help desk in the cloud. This includes the freedom to recruit offsite or out-of-region workers to allow you to extend contact hours with round-the-clock access, as well as the ability to add more staff to the help desk in times of need. A great example is a one-off new solution roll-out to your own business: boost your response capability and reduce business downtime by temporarily seconding to the help desk capable staff from other areas of the business, to assist in taking support calls.

A scalable model enables your business to quickly adapt to fluctuations and market changes, without necessitating the purchase of additional infrastructure, or the secondment of in-house IT resources for prolonged periods. In the ever-evolving world of technology, contact centres need to be adaptable to the changes inherent in any business—cloud-based help desks allow businesses to do this. One of the core benefits of the cloud contact centre model is its flexibility, and ability to scale operations up or down as required.

Minimised IT Engagement and Reliance

With any cloud-based contact centre system, you can reduce the overheads associated with your IT needs by letting your trusted service partner take care of things like software updates and hardware upgrades. You will no longer need to be concerned about infrastructure maintenance or ensuring skill-set/knowledge continuity. Instead, you can focus on better serving your customers.

Easy Implementation

Another benefit to hosting your help desk in the cloud is that you will significantly reduce the costs and processes involved in the implementation of hardware and software. With cloud technology your new contact centre will be online within days providing you with low-cost ownership as well as multi-tenant architecture.

Functionality and Feature Integration

Feature updates with cloud-based systems are more regular and tenable than premises-based solution updates. Premises-based solution updates require significant scrutinising around the compatibility of hardware and software. With a cloud-based model updates happen internally and issues to do with hardware and software compatibility are absorbed by the provider. 

Downtime and Vendor SLAs

One of the most significant benefits of a cloud-based model is the fact that cloud vendors are responsible for keeping systems running, not your business. This means that if there are any issues with your system or technical difficulties, your vendor will take responsibility for this so you don’t need to worry.

Improved Business Continuity and Data Security

Business continuity is a major benefit of the cloud contact centre model. Through the built-in safeguards and redundancy that is interwoven into the design of data centres and their networks, you can achieve a previously unattainable business and operational continuity. Historically, this level of reliability and continuity has been unattainable for small-to-medium sized businesses due to its excessive price tag and the complexity involved in the implementation process, as well as its ongoing maintenance.

Major Reduction In Administration Overheads

With processes managed for the most part by dedicated off-site experts you will significantly reduce administration overheads and costs by adopting a cloud-based contact centre. These off-site experts will ensure that the necessary skills training and succession planning are in place to maintain your solution. This will then free up company resources.


There are evidently several benefits to hosting your help desk in the cloud. With all services filtered through a single data-base you will not only minimise time expenditure and hardware costs but by economising on provisioning you will have the budget to invest in the other resources you need, to ensure that your business is providing the best customer service possible. With improved data security and recovery as well as flexibility and ongoing support, cloud-based technology is the perfect option to integrate your help desk within the modern world.