How to Optimise Frontline Engagement with a Cloud Contact Centre

Cloud Computing diagram

Cloud contact centres allow you to handle customer interactions, provide customer service and answer customer calls through a web-based platform. CX CLOUD®, which is powered by Enghouse Interactive, enables businesses to maximise the potential of their contact centre.

Of the many benefits a cloud contact centre can offer your business (particularly in comparison to a premises-based model), its ability to optimise frontline engagement is one of the most attractive. In boosting frontline engagement, your contact centre can facilitate improved customer interactions and support, helping your business grow.

Benefits of a Cloud Contact Centre for Frontline Engagement

Significantly Reduce Overheads

Switching from a premises-based contact centre to a cloud-based one can significantly reduce overheads. This is because you will no longer need to pay for things like infrastructure costs – including rent, utilities and internet – or hardware. The cloud enables you to harness the potential of the latest software without having to use or pay for excess resources.

These significant savings mean that your business can direct money into other aspects of your cloud contact centre; for example, providing your agents with more training and job satisfaction, optimising your frontline engagement.

Increased Flexibility

A cloud-based contact centre delivers flexibility and scalability that premises-based centres cannot. Coud contact centres are able to attract and employ agents from remote locations all around the world. Not only does this both increase the pool of available talent for recruitment and potentially improve employee satisfaction and retention – which in turn improves the customer experience – but it also means that your business is able to provide customers with extended hours of support thanks to having employees working within different time zones.

Furthermore, if at any time your contact centre is inundated with more customers than your existing team can handle, you can swiftly and easily add more agents.

Business Continuity

While many small-to-medium businesses need business continuity, the protocols and processes that enable this are often too expensive to implement. However, business continuity is inherent to cloud-based contact centres—safeguards and redundancy are built into the network. From a frontline engagement perspective, this is incredibly useful; it ensures quick data recovery, which minimises downtime.

Furthermore, with sound business continuity protocols in place, businesses can deliver superior levels of customer service at all times, even if unforeseen circumstances arise. This is because cloud contact centres have the ability to add new agents or adjust call-routing in seconds. Likewise, if adverse events impact agent availability in one geography, cover can be provided via remote agents in others.

Reduced Downtime

Cloud contact centres almost completely eradicate the need for scheduled maintenance, which is vital as customer expectations demand real-time and immediate solutions, requiring your centre always to be available.

With cloud-based centres, you don’t have to worry about hardware issues or available IT resources, which could significantly delay problem solving for premises-based centres. Instead, the software is maintained by your provider, who remotely manages all feature and maintenance/compliance upgrades for all end users without impacting their environment. Another benefit of the eliminated downtime for upgrades is that users of Cloud solutions are able to benefit from a continuous rollout of new features, which can be released regularly and in a timely fashion, instead of months and even years elapsing before appropriate funding is earmarked, and a suitable window is found. Frontline engagement is enhanced by equipping staff with the best, latest tools for their jobs.

Additional CX CLOUD® Features to Boost Frontline Engagement

Integrated Interface

CX CLOUD® enables multi-channel routing and queuing which allows everything from calls and emails through to chat, SMS and social media to be streamlined into a single interface. This enables frontline agents to efficiently deal with customers which ultimately produces successful customer interactions.

Enhanced Efficiency

Ultimate efficiency can be achieved with the help of the CX CLOUD® chatbots, dashboard and analytics. AI can ease the burden of high-volume repetitive enquiries, which frees up agents’ time and allows them to deal with more complex and interesting engagements. Furthermore, analytics help to provide the agent with a better understanding of the customer and their journey, enabling them to immediately start problem solving instead of having to recap the customer’s entire history.

Moreover, AI is constantly evolving and improving and, nowadays, organisations are able to apply speech analytics to examine not only the content of interactions, but the emotions of a customer as well.

Consistent Quality

CX CLOUD® enables all interactions (both screen and voice) to be recorded and assessed for quality assurance. This not only helps to ensure that customers consistently receive exceptional customer service, but it also provides resources for potential dispute resolution. On top of this, a top of the line quality management solution also helps ensure that all interactions are in compliance with legal, government and industry requirements and regulations.

Integration with CRM

CX CLOUD® is able to provide your business with tight integration with multiple best-of-breed cloud CRM applications, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. This can help to drastically improve frontline engagement as it provides context to agents for each interaction, presenting relevant customer details along with the customer’s complete interaction case history and buying history.


Ultimately, cloud-based contact centres can optimise your business’s frontline engagement by improving customer interactions in myriad ways. Furthermore, CX CLOUD® can further enhance an organisation’s frontline engagement through affordances which provide customers with instant, reliable and superior customer service.