Now available via App Stores – samwin Mobile Agent

samwin app

Experience the Freedom of Seamless Connectivity and Enhanced Call Management

The samwin Mobile Agent is enabling businesses greater convenience and flexibility for their team. The latest generation of the samwin Mobile Agent is available in the app stores for Android and iOS.

The samwin Mobile Agent shares key functionality with the professional samwin Web Agent, expanding the samwin Agent family with a mobile application for Android and Apple devices. The mobile app helps minimise business disruption, staying connected, when an agent needs to complete work away from their desk.

The latest generation, version 1.2.0, contains the following new features to the samwin Mobile Agent:

  1. Call handling – control calls via the app. You can place calls on hold, park, or requeue them as needed. This feature ensures that you never miss an important call and can efficiently manage your communication.
  2. Softphone support – say goodbye to conventional phone lines! samwin Mobile Agent allows you to place and receive calls through WiFi or mobile data. By utilising samwin softphone ACD extensions on your device, you can make calls seamlessly using WiFi or mobile internet. This feature empowers you to stay connected anytime, anywhere.
  3. Dual line capability – need to handle multiple calls simultaneously? No problem! samwin Mobile Agent supports dual line capability, allowing you to use two lines in parallel for consult calls or conferences. This feature enables efficient collaboration and ensures smooth communication within your team.
  4. Skills management – easily manage your skills and availability with samwin Mobile Agent. You can log on to or off from specific skills and view the number of active agents per skill. This functionality ensures that calls are routed to the most appropriate agents, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  5. Agent list – connect with your team members effortlessly. With samwin Mobile Agent, you can check the status of other agents, call them directly, or transfer calls to them.
  6. Full directory access – the app provides full directory access, including search, presence and appointments, making it easier to locate and connect with colleagues.
  7. Call wait list and call history – samwin Mobile Agent now includes the call wait list and call history features. You can easily view and manage waiting calls, ensuring that no customer is left unattended. Additionally, the call history feature allows you to access past calls, providing valuable insights and improving customer service.

samwin Mobile Agent is a helpful solution for businesses seeking a mobile application that combines convenience, flexibility, and powerful functionality. Download it today from the App Stores for Android and iOS devices and empower your team to work smarter and more efficiently.

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