Powering the First Touch

Lander & Rogers innovating the reception and customer experience with Voitec


  • Seamless client experience for call handling in a Microsoft Teams Unified Communications environment.
  • Customisable directory integrated into a wide set of databases.

Lander & Rogers is a leading independent and truly Australian law firm, comprising over 500 people, including 81 partners, and located across three state capital cities – Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. 

As an agile-ready workplace with a resilience mindset, Lander & Rogers cares about it’s staff, clients and the community, sharing its values as an authentic, connected and innovative firm. 

Lander & Rogers’ key sectors include government, insurance & financial services, real estate, retail & supply chain and technology.

At a Glance

Industry: Legal


The reception and customer experience in a Microsoft Teams Unified Communications environment.

Solution: Samwin Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams
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Adapting to a changing business environment

In 2020 the world and businesses pivoted. Lander & Rogers had historically been using an on-premises telephony solution that for many years met its business requirements. However, shifting requirements for staff to work remotely and across multiple sites, saw a change for the business to invest in a Microsoft Teams Unified Communications (UC) solution. 

To ensure the staff had the equivalent capability using the Microsoft Teams applications, enhancement to the standard Teams offering was required.

One of the requirements often overlooked while planning a migration to Microsoft Teams is what the reception or attendant user experience will be like. Most law firms have specific requirements to ensure the service they provide to their clients is maintained at all touch points.

In Lander & Rogers’ case, the requirements included:

  • accurate and up-to-date contact information that is automatically populated from its human resource system
  • the ability to search on not only usernames, job roles and departments, but also on specific case IDs to ensure callers are transferred to the correct lawyer handling that case
  • specific wait greetings if all members of the reception team are busy
  • accurate statistics on calling traffic for sites
  • the ability for receptionists to quickly find and transfer calls to not only internal staff using the Microsoft Teams solution, but also to external parties

None of these requirements could be met by just deploying and standard Microsoft Teams interface to the reception user group.

Continuing to innovate with a connected and agile environment

In the legal industry, the right advice is critical so Lander & Rogers turned to Microsoft Gold partner, Generation-e. The team at Generation-e has provided expert advice to its customers for more than 10 years with a focus on what can be a complex Microsoft ‘stack’ of technologies. As an Australian authority on unified communications, Generation-e is focused on the customer experience in a Microsoft Teams deployment.

“Understanding the importance of the customer experience from the first touch at Lander & Rogers, we needed to ensure a seamless end-to-end solution for its new Microsoft Teams Unified Communications environment. Voitec’s Samwin Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams resolved all the challenges faced by receptionist and ensured the team was able to maintain the highest customer service standards expected by the firm’s clients,” explains Ben Tesoriero, Collaboration & Productivity Consultant at Generation-e.

Set-up for success

Finding the right technical solution is only the first step. More importantly, how will it be set up for the firm? How the interface is customised for each attendant user, what specific information is presented and of course ensuring the users are well trained and are comfortable with what can be a very high-pressure working environment. Voitec’s reception application specialisation and expertise helped shape a smooth deployment.

“At Lander & Rogers our team and the client experience is vital for our business. Both Generation- e and Voitec share our values on customer service and how technology can enhance service innovation. The team at Voitec showed they understood the complexities of our business through the design consultation, configuration, team training and ongoing customer support with the Samwin Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams. Voitec has set our reception team up for success,” said Adam Williams, Head of Technology Operations at Lander & Rogers.