Quality Management Suite

TELREXVoitec distributes Quality Management Suite (or QMS), it is an easy and affordable IP call recording and monitoring solution for IP telephony and unified communications systems.

All types of businesses benefit from call recording and monitoring technology-inside and outside the contact centre. From improving customer service, resolving customer disputes, increasing employee productivity, reducing liability, complying with legal requirements, addressing security concerns, and taking the organization’s “pulse,” QMS software can help.

The intuitive Web-based interface offers users a real-time view of user status, the ability to live monitor calls, and multiple recording options. Designed with the manager in mind, QMS Call Recording software enables users to:

  • Silently monitor calls
  • Record 100% of calls
  • Set triggers for automatic recording
  • Record calls on-demand
  • Configure users into recording groups
  • Leverage Active Directory credentials, or enable CallRex login credentials
  • Easily search, retrieve and playback calls
  • Export call recordings for email, link to CRM and more
  • Report on business metrics like total talk time, number of calls by agent, or the busiest times for calls by area code, prefix, or DNIS

Along with call recording, QMS has additional modules that deliver:

  • Screen recording
  • Quality monitoring – call scoring and Agent coaching
  • Workforce scheduling and automatic forecasting
  • A feature rich API for integration into existing business processes.

QMS supports a large variety of IP PBX manufactures, including Cisco, MS Lync, Avaya, Shortel, Mitel 3Com, Astrisk, Broadsoft and Genband. For a complete list of integrated PBX systems contact Voitec today.

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