The Features & Functionality a CX CLOUD® Contact Centre Solution Can Bring to Your Business

cloud contact centre solution

The CX CLOUD® contact centre solution provides several useful features and functions that enable businesses to create flexible, secure and scalable work environments. A cloud-based contact centre allows businesses to provide customers with around-the-clock support, as well as fast and accurate solutions.

This brilliant technology has proven to lead to more productive businesses, improved customer service and an increase in customer retention. Not only do cloud-based contact centres improve the level of service available to customers, but they are also a fantastic option for saving on overhead expenditure and improving the day-to-day operations of your business.

Features and Functionality of Cloud-Based Contact Centres

Queuing For All Contact Types

The CX CLOUD® cloud-based contact centre will provide routing for your customers’ preferred channel of communication, therefore allowing for maximum functionality in your business. Our cloud-based systems seamlessly integrate phone, email, online chat and more into one easily accessible platform.

For email, communications are routed based on skills and allow for a clear audit trail, meaning not only that all your customers will receive the best possible support from your staff, but historical review for dispute settlement or other reason is easily available. In this increasingly digitised world, social media is also an important facet of customer service. CX CLOUD® also offers the option of messaging through social media to ensure optimum levels of customer satisfaction and brand protection.

Improved Outbound Communications

Outbound communications are a key method of customer service for many businesses and industries. Our solution makes it easier to provide pre-emptive, active service that is initiated with specific aims and purpose.

Just one example is in the healthcare industry, where outbound communications have become increasingly important in providing accurate and proactive customer solutions. Because healthcare providers typically have pre-existing knowledge of their patients’ conditions, outbound communications help in providing targeted service to customers and improving the reliability of healthcare businesses.

CX CLOUD® greatly increases the possibilities for outbound communications through automated notifications, and the ability for customers to choose their preferred mode of communication.

Business Intelligence

No contact centre can function well without in-depth analysis of agent performance and activity or interaction history. The CX CLOUD® outstanding reporting functionality easily places it above other solutions in its class. Real-time analytics both encourage and empower agents, while at the same time providing management with the tools they need to monitor and improve operations from day to day and month to month, as well as to report upward to senior executive level.

Flexibility and Scalability

One of the most notable benefits of cloud-based technology is the way in which it provides an element of flexibility for businesses who may need more or less agents at different times. Good contact centres are adaptable to potential changes in the business.

This is why scalability has, for so long, been one of the most important features of cloud-based technology. Cloud-based technology allows you to maximise your businesses potential by scaling the operations of your contact centre up and down when necessary.

24/7 Customer Support

Another useful feature of cloud-based technology is the way its architecture easily allows business to provide around the clock, 24/7 customer support. In this increasingly globalized world, businesses often have clients in need of quick customer support at odd hours of the day. The CX CLOUD® cloud-based software allows businesses to extend operations to staff in remote locations, enabling a response 24/7.

Smooth Day-to-Day Operation

All the features that a cloud-based contact centre provides businesses with ultimately lead to an increase in the overall functionality of day-to-day operations. Because this technology takes little time to implement, is easy to use and provides independence when it comes to location, your contact centre will certainly run more smoothly and effectively. Any issues that may arise with traditional communication systems on premises are eliminated with a cloud-based model.

Supervisory Functionality

The CX CLOUD® contact centre solution will not only bring noticeable improvements to customers, but also to your own managers and supervisors. With CX CLOUD® Supervisor, technology managers and team leaders will be able to track the activity of contact centres and specific agents to ensure that customers are receiving the best possible customer service.

Virtual Assistant Functionality

With customers having increasingly high expectations but less of an inclination to spend time waiting for your response, it is more important than ever to take every possible step to provide excellent customer service to customers. The CX CLOUD® Virtual Assistant technology allows threads of communication to be filtered through artificial intelligence, boosting the success of your human agents.

Cloud Economics

One of the most prominent benefits that comes with the CX CLOUD® contact centre solution is the way it allows for financial benefits as well. With a shift towards OPEX (operating expense) budgeting, this cloud-based technology removes any large capital expenditure that may negatively affect your business.


With several features and functions designed to increase the success and operational ease of your business, the CX CLOUD® contact centre solution will undoubtedly benefit your operation. If you’re interested in learning more about our solutions, contact us for a free demonstration today.