The Ultimate Guide to Cloud Contact Centres: Our Top 7 Posts

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There’s a lot of information available online when it comes to cloud contact centres. This makes it increasingly difficult to pinpoint information that is relevant to you and your business. So, we’ve compiled a summary of our top seven blog posts to create the ultimate guide to cloud contact centres.

These posts will tell you everything you need to know when it comes to cloud contact centres including what they are, the benefits they have to offer, and how you can use them to their full potential.

What is a Cloud Contact Centre?

This post clears up any confusion you may have regarding what a cloud contact centre actually is and how it differs from a premises-based contact centre. It explains that a cloud contact centre is a network-based service that enables customer service interactions to be facilitated by a web-based platform. This article outlines the key features and benefits of a cloud contact centre, including their flexibility, ease of implementation, security, cost efficiency, and reduction of IT burden.

How to Optimise Frontline Engagement using a Cloud Contact Centre

The optimisation of frontline engagement can ultimately help to improve and grow your business through increased customer satisfaction. This post describes how a cloud contact centre can help you achieve these positive outcomes.

This article outlines a range of benefits that cloud contact centres offer in order to improve frontline engagement, including the significant reduction of overheads, increased flexibility and business continuity, and reduced downtime. It further explains the specific features that CX CLOUD® can offer to boost frontline engagement, including an integrated interface, enhanced efficiency, consistent quality and integration with CRM.

Top Benefits of a Cloud Contact Centre

Wondering what the myriad benefits offered by a cloud contact centre include? Well, this post is the perfect place to start. It makes the case for switching to a cloud contact centre by detailing the ways in which it can improve the contact centre experience for both your customers and staff, while also offering a variety of other features which will generally improve your business. The benefits of cloud contact centres include improved customer service, safety and security, environmental friendliness, extended hours, reduced downtime and increased reliability, flexibility and scalability, and many more.

The Business Case for Cloud Based Contact Centres

Are you looking to present a business case to your manager or executive team to suggest the adoption of a cloud based contact centre? This is where you should begin, showing how cloud contact centres provide businesses with a range of advantages, and delivering a convincing case for their adoption. To help you build your business case for cloud contact centres, you need to highlight factors such as: the difficulty of ROI and TOC comparisons, future-proofing your business, understanding the economics of the cloud, the proven model of SaaS, functionality and feature integration, downtime and vendor SLAs, and more.

5 Steps to Creating a Cloud Call Centre for Your Business

While cloud contact centres are undoubtedly an attractive option for many businesses, implementing one can be daunting. As well as listing many of the benefits a cloud contact centre can offer, this post provides detail on the five steps your business needs to take to create a cloud call centre. At a high level, these steps include:

  • Analysing your existing call centre and business drivers
  • Identifying gaps and finding technology to fill them
  • Creating a roadmap for implementation
  • Finding the software you need
  • Enlisting the right partner

Mistakes to Avoid When Using Cloud Contact Centre Technology

Despite the many benefits that cloud contact centres can offer businesses, many businesses make the mistake of not utilising technology to their advantage to enable a cloud contact centre to reach its full potential.

Some of the most common mistakes made when using cloud contact centre technology include: providers failing to fully prepare for cloud implementations, failure to use a simple agent graphical interface, neglecting voice quality, failing to ensure your provider can deliver integration cost-effectively, disregarding contact centre size, and switching off quality management.

The Features and Functionality a CX CLOUD® Contact Centre  Solution Can Bring to Your Business

CX Cloud can offer businesses a range of benefits designed to enhance and maximise the potential of their cloud contact centre. Some of the many features include queuing for all interaction types or channels, improved outbound communications, business intelligence, 24/7 customer support, supervisory functionality, virtual assistant functionality, and cloud economics. Ultimately, CX CLOUD® can help to make the operations of your business easier while increasing success.