Use Case: Innovation and Collaboration

Boost your customer conversions through adding collaborative features directly to your platform with universal co-browsing. Instantly enabling fully branded, visual collaboration across your entire customer journey. Empowering your team to connect and collaborate with customers on your own platform, just like you were sitting side-by-side.

Surfly universal co-browsing solutions seamlessly adds a collaboration layer on top of your existing technology infrastructure.

Innovate the customer experience
Innovate the customer experience quickly, creating a collaborative digital experience utilising the tools and technology the business has already invested in. Add collaboration features to the platforms you currently use without the need to add additional technology or modify applications.

Service transformation
Surfly enables you to transform your website to become a fully branded collaboration tool, transforming the experience for both your customers and staff. Your team can enable visual collaboration engagement at any stage along the customer journey, helping shorten sales cycles, improve onboarding, increase customer satisfaction and create greater customer engagement.

Secure and compliant
Your data is yours, Surfly does not capture any data from the collaboration session. In addition, full audit capabilities enable you to help the customer remain compliant in every interaction.