Use Case: Remote Sales

Personalise the virtual sales experience to help shorten the sales cycle and drive conversion through remote collaboration. Surfly is a start to sign collaboration solution across the sales journey to support your website.

Shorten sales cycles and time to close
Surfly enables you to create a virtual meeting collaboration experience in a fully branded environment. Helping you guide prospects through your website or portal, surf the full web, review documents and e-sign, all in one collaborative session. Completing offline touchpoints in a single collaborative session enables you to shorten the sales cycle and time to close.

Working seamlessly with existing technology
You can use Surfly out of the box with no need to integrate with your current technology. Unlike other technologies, like Zoom or Teams, there is no software installation for your prospects to worry about. Simply share a link with your prospect to start a remote session and collaborate on your website and portal.

Secure and compliant
Your data is yours, Surfly does not capture any data from the collaboration session. Full audit capabilities enable you to help the customer remain compliant in every interaction. You also have the ability to mask sensitive data, protecting your customers data stays private.