What Is A Customer Service Desk (And How Do They Improve Customer Experience)?

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Does your company have a customer service desk? The modern customer service desk is a comprehensive support centre, offering a single point of customer contact for a business. Service desk software incorporates many methods of communicating with customers, storing customer information, and analysing data.

For a business to experience success, it is vital that it offers a comprehensive customer service experience that is seamless, efficient and personable. Taking advantages of the many tools and technology available can assist a business to achieve this optimal user experience. Customer service desk software can dramatically improve business outcomes, allowing customer service agents to gain context for individual customers, provide fast and effective solutions to customer problems, and create a more personalised experience for the customer.

What To Look For In Customer Service Desk Software

When considering service desk software for your business, there are some key features that should be considered. When used well, service desk tools can significantly improve the customer experience and result in better retention and maximised profits.

An important function of service desk software is the potential to unify all support channels into one place. This means that customers will be able to contact a business using their preferred method, including phone, email, live chat and more.

Additionally, customers can be easily transferred to another channel if necessary, without the need to repeat information and cause frustration for the customer. This functionality also benefits the customer service agents working with the service desk software, as a central point of contact for all incoming customer issues allows agents to access tickets and assign them to themselves or teammates.

High-quality service desk software will include the ability to track and store data on common customer problems, helping to gain insights into products and services. Service desk managers can analyse results and identify the recurring themes, which can be invaluable for product development.

Some software will also give businesses the option to create knowledge bases for their customers, allowing customers to search for and find answers to their questions without needing to reach out for support. Many customers prefer this self-service option, and these FAQ style pages can minimise traffic to agents, who are free to tackle more complex issues.

Customer service desk software can dramatically improve the work of customer service live agents, with automated workflows and responses, internal documentation, and opportunities for coaching.

Automation can allow businesses to program internal workflows to run automatically, so that simple day-to-day tasks are completed more efficiently. Managers can easily access interactions from team members and identify examples of ideal engagements, or areas that require improvement.

How A Customer Service Desk Can Improve Your Business

A customer service desk can significantly improve all aspects of your business, from customer experience, to employee retention, to productivity and profitability. Service desk software improves your customer interactions and makes them more willing to work with you again.

Modern consumers expect fast, friendly service from companies who understand their needs and can offer effective solutions. With a customer service desk optimised for multi-channel interactions, you can ensure that customers can contact you using their preferred method. This also lowers costs for businesses, through process automation and the ability for customers to utilise self service facilities.

Helpful and personable service fosters trust between the customer and your business, improving customer retention rates and building your companies’ reputation in the marketplace. A seamless experience prevents customers from feeling frustrated or discouraged from contacting the service desk.

Live customer service agents can work more efficiently with the help of artificial intelligence and documentation to deliver responses to frequently asked questions. Identifying common issues and documenting successful resolution procedures in FAQs available to agents can maximise First Call Resolution (FCR). Improved FCR lowers costs to a business, improves the experience for the customer, and heightens the job satisfaction experienced by the live agent. They can focus on more complex issues rather than repeat standard information.

Service desk software should include cross-team collaboration functionality, which allows multiple agents to share resources and knowledge to solve difficult problems. This system fosters morale in the customer service team, boosts the performance of all agents, and allows those with more experience to offer assistance and coaching to newer employees. This has the added benefit of keeping customer service agents in a positive headspace, leading to friendlier engagements with customers.

Finally, service desk tools can track the success of agents and allow for managers to reward exceptional service, provide feedback, and coach them on ways to improve.

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