How Small and Medium Sized Businesses Can Get the Most Out of Cloud Contact Centres

Cloud Contact Centres

In light of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, cloud contact centres can provide a seamless transition from an office arrangement to a remotely accessible and safe platform. CX CLOUD® offers cloud contact centre solutions to help businesses of all sizes enhance their customer service outputs and securely manage data.

Small and medium sized business can be adversely affected by lower staffing levels, older forms of technology and time constraints. Many budget allocations in these smaller organisations do not account for the benefits of a cloud-based contact centre. A cloud contact centre can provide a new way for small and medium size businesses to go to market. It will also elevate the business into a new era of modern technology, and provide ease of access from any location.

The Benefits of Cloud Contact Centres for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Small and medium sized businesses who invest in a cloud contact centre will be open to a range of benefits that will position the organisation with an enhanced customer focus.

Flexibility and Scalability

For small and medium sized businesses, a cloud-based contact centre allows small teams of staff to work remotely and undertake extended hours if resources are stretched. The flexible and scalable nature of these systems allow each business to quickly adapt to any new demands or changes, like COVID-19. It also decreases an over-reliance on internal or external IT support, and eliminates the need to purchase other technological infrastructure. As the software is highly adaptable to any environment, staff from other departments who are having some downtime can also log in and assist other customer services team members.

Business Continuity and Security

Security is embedded into all cloud-based contact centres, which stores complex data and blocks external security threats. Previous data storage models are not necessarily affordable, and some may not provide business continuity or security. However the fully integrated nature of a remote system protects staff members by storing all services and data in the cloud.

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

A remote contact centre can increase functionality and workplace productivity for small and medium sized business. As smaller businesses often function with less staff, the integrated technology in a cloud-based software can free up a workers’ time. This allows staff to conduct more complex tasks or customer interactions, which is an efficient process for increased outputs.

Reduced Overheads

In addition to the small number of staff who handle requests, a premises-based contact centre can be quite costly in many small and medium sized business. However, a cloud-based software can reduce overhead costs like technology hardware, and an overreliance on other supports like IT staff. These cost savings can be seen across the board, through reduced maintenance fees of servers and PBX, and less upgrades to existing services.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Smaller businesses gain insightful customer data through application programming interfaces, which are integrated in cloud contact centres. This can provide businesses with information to tailor their services for an enhanced customer experience, which ultimately leads to more satisfied and loyal customers.

The data storage capabilities of a remote platform can also provide staff with a seamless transition between customers for enhanced quality control, and offer extended hours that can help grow a smaller business.