How to Make the Move to a Cloud Based Contact Centre

Remote contact centre

Remote contact centres, also known as cloud based contact centres are growing in popularity. Unlike premises-based contact centres, cloud contact centres are a network-based service that enable your business to handle customer interactions through an entirely web-based platform.

As customer expectations of businesses evolve and technology adapts to meet these expectations, there is a strong case to move your contact centre from a premises-based model to the cloud.

With customer expectations increasingly right alongside business pressures and costs, now is the time for businesses to focus on survival. Businesses must take the leap, and move their contact centres to the cloud to ensure business continuity, improve their customer service, productivity and data security, and slash costs.

5 Steps to Move to a Cloud Contact Centre

There are five simple steps you need to follow when switching from a premises-based contact centre, to a cloud contact centre. We’ve outlined each of these in detail below.

  1. Analyse Your Current Call Centre

When implementing a cloud contact centre, it’s important to first identify areas of weakness in your current call centre so that they can be improved upon. You then need to identify drivers – channels that should be added to your business in order to help it grow and meet customer demands.

  1. Identify Technological Gaps

Analyse the gaps in your current contact centre to ensure that the cloud centre technology you choose addresses these gaps. You want to do everything possible to create a seamless customer experience, so make sure to keep that in mind when filling in these gaps.

  1. Create an Implementation Roadmap

In order to successfully implement a cloud contact centre, you will need a development and operations team to generate a roadmap to outline the necessary steps involved as well as measurable objectives. This will also ensure that no areas are neglected or forgotten about.

  1. Find Suitable Software

Finding a software that fulfils the needs of your contact centre is vital. In order to ensure that the software you choose is suitable, you should create a checklist of all the elements and features your business requires in a contact centre.

  1. Choose the Right Partner

When moving your contact centre to the cloud, it’s important that you have a deployment partner you can rely upon. Choosing the right partner will ensure that your contact centre is set up quickly and with minimal downtime. Moreover, a good partner should offer additional support, such as automatic updates, free maintenance and the flexibility and scalability to grow alongside your business.


With the right partner helping to guide your business throughout the entire implementation process, moving to a cloud based contact centre need not be as stressful as you might first believe. With the raft of benefits delivered by moving to cloud-computing IT solution (from increased productivity, efficiency and data security, through to reduced costs), the simple five step process is definitely worth the effort.

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