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Broken Lines! Voice AI a Game Changer for Continuous Communications for the Healthcare Sector

In the wake of the Optus network outage on the 8th November 2023, the fragility of Australia’s telecommunications infrastructure was starkly revealed. The outage not only disrupted everyday life but also posed, significant challenges to critical services, including hospitals and healthcare providers. The Australian Government’s report released on the 30th April 2024, on the incident

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A Guide to Cloud Data Security for Contact Centres

In the modern era, where data is the new gold, ensuring its safety and security, especially in the cloud, is paramount. For business owners and large corporates with cloud contact centres, understanding and implementing robust cloud security measures is not just essential; it’s a business imperative. This guide delves into the intricacies of cloud data security, highlighting key strategies and tools like CASB, cloud controls, and encrypted cloud storage to fortify your cloud cyber security.

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Top 5 Checklist for Cloud Contact Centre Solutions

Thinking of moving to a cloud contact centre solution? Cloud contact centres present many advantages for modern businesses, allowing for a seamless customer experience and greater profitability for your company. However, not all cloud solutions are the same. Partnering with the right cloud technology company is a strategic move and must be appropriately considered by

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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Cloud Service Desk Software for Your Business

Are you considering implementing cloud service desk software? There are many benefits to using cloud-based technology for your customer service desk, but it’s important to understand how this software can work best for you. Customer service desks offer a multi-faceted support offering to your customers and clients. They incorporate many methods for communication with customers

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The Business Case for Moving to a Cloud Based Contact Centre

The adoption of cloud-computing business models is increasing rapidly—the events of 2020 have accelerated its adoption. In fact, according to global data broker McKinsey, cloud-specific spending expected to grow at more than six times the rate of general IT spending through 2020. Increasingly, businesses are coming to realise that they must scale, pivot and become

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How to Make the Move to a Cloud Based Contact Centre

Remote contact centres, also known as cloud based contact centres are growing in popularity. Unlike premises-based contact centres, cloud contact centres are a network-based service that enable your business to handle customer interactions through an entirely web-based platform. As customer expectations of businesses evolve and technology adapts to meet these expectations, there is a strong

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