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Innovation In Customer Experience Voitec Surfly

Amaze your customers with an in-person experience

The rapid evolution of technology is changing the fabric of society. Advanced technology is empowering consumers, providing access to a wider range of services, and altering the way in which we engage with organisations. To help address and leverage these changes, companies must harness innovative methods that build trust and improve the customer experience. 

In this article, Mark Owens (Founder and Managing Director of Voitec) talks with Surfly’s innovator and CEO, Nicholas Piël. Together, Mark and Nicholas delve into how innovative co-browsing technology can enhance the customer experience. They emphasise how placing technology innovation at the heart of your organisation is vital to delivering exceptional customer service.

Mark: As a technologist, I am excited to learn more about how technology is being used to deliver innovation in contact centres, and really touch the customer. Surfly has developed a visual engagement tool to enhance the online experience and provides co-browsing solutions. Nicholas, what was the inspiration behind Surfly?

Nicholas: Surfly was founded in 2012, born out of the idea to drive service excellence.

My background is in artificial intelligence and, while working as technical support for an internet service provider in the Netherlands, I realised how challenging it can be to provide phone support that truly helps the customer. I thought there has to be a better way to engage with the customer. That is why I built Surfly.

Surfly is an online service that allows you to work hand-in-hand with someone on your website, guiding them remotely without the installation of any software. With the click of a button you can see what someone does and you can guide them through the process and your website.

Surfly is easy to add to your website and allows you to work seamlessly with your website visitors, enhancing their experience.

Mark: Born out of your working in the communications sector, which industries and companies are seeing the value of the Surfly solution?

Nicholas: We see interest from a wide range of industries. Our early adopters have been in the financial services and insurance industry. In these industries, a customer journey can be relatively complex, or involve emotional decisions that require understanding and trust—this makes Surfly the perfect tool.

For example, in the Netherlands, the largest insurance provider, Achmea is using co-browsing as part of their customer experience innovation strategy. They are focused on building relationships with the customer by placing them at the core of their strategy. Surfly is enabling Achmea agents to guide and assist their customers across the full journey and offer advice and tips that not only fix the customer issue, but even further—help clients with their daily challenges. For example, if a customer calls in to file a car claim, an agent can assist them during this stressful process, as well as assist them with organizing a replacement car on a partner website.

Crossing a variety of industries throughout the globe, Surfly customers include Southern Cross, Empire Life, Fidelis Care and SAS.

Mark: Organisations are constantly under pressure to drive shareholder value and increase revenue in ever competing markets. What are the benefits co-browsing can bring to organisations? How is c-browsing being used for customer service?

Nicholas: In the beginning, we saw the primary reason for the adoption of co-browsing was cost reduction and efficiency. It helped to ensure that call centres were operating as efficiently as possible. For example, co-browsing helps reduce the length of a call and measures the service level—both of which are agent focused benefits.

What we are seeing now are benefits that are more customer centric—benefits focussed on building a relationship with the customer. The change in success measures reflect this. They have shifted from service level and first time fix rate to NPS and reduction of churn.

It’s great to see our technology being used to bring people together and enable meaningful and memorable experiences for the clients of our customers.

Mark: For me, customer excellence puts the customer at the centre of your organisation. It is about creating a relationship with the customer built through humanity, conversation and engagement. Driving value for the customer is a vital business element in growing and expanding your business. Nicholas, what does customer excellence mean to you?

Nicholas: For me, customer excellence is all about going the extra mile to help the customer solve their problem. It is about being present and connected. It is about being able to provide a guiding hand – this is the inspiration behind Surfly. The idea is to leave a lasting impression by working together with the customer and helping them in the best possible manner. If you deliver that little extra, your clients will share their great experience with their friends, family and colleagues—all of whom are your potential customers—because you exceeded their expectations.

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