Top 5 Customer Experience Tools for 2023

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The end of the year is fast approaching and now is the time to confirm your customer experience solutions for 2023.

If you want to offer your customers a better experience next year, you need the best in customer-centric, smart technology solutions. There are a number of tools on the market which allow you to enhance the user experience. These digital customer experience solutions have been shown to provide multiple benefits to companies, including achieving greater customer retention, increasing sales, and enhancing the reputation for your company.

Additionally, implementing digital customer experience tools offers internal advantages for your organisation. Companies that use these tools report improved employee satisfaction, better trained staff, and reduced business costs.

Discover the range of customer experience tools that you can invest in for 2023.


Over the past few years we have all learnt the importance of agility, having the flexibility in your technology and business processes to pivot and respond to the market conditions. Today, a cloud contact centre is the gold standard in customer experience, offering the ultimate in flexibility and scalability for businesses of all sizes and across industries.

Voitec’s CX CLOUD® provides companies with a range of advantages, including a secure data centre, reduced overheads, and the ability to scale operations up or down. The Pay As You Go method means you only ever pay for what you use, making it a more affordable option. Plus, by removing on premises servers, you can eliminate expenditure on IT and hardware.

Contact Centre Solutions

Digital contact centre solutions provide an ideal user experience that ensures your customers can get in touch with you when and how they want. The contact centre solutions from Voitec provide multi-channel and personalised customer service, with customers able to contact your business using various channels, at any time of day, and receive faster and more helpful responses. Modern customers expect a seamless experience, and contact centre solutions reduce resolution times which also providing better data and insights into your customer base.

Conversational AI

Conversational AI solutions drive customer conversations and sales. Conversational AI mimics a human interaction while providing faster and personalised responses, so customers can access support whenever they need it without the expense of a full time human support team. Research shows that customers appreciate being able to seek answers to their questions, and AI can quickly and easily provide responses to common inquiries, allowing customers to troubleshoot at any time. Additionally, conversational AI can support a larger volume of inbound traffic into a contact centre and provide extended hours of assistance.


Co-browsing (collaborative browsing) works by enabling customer service agents and customers to navigate through a website or mobile application in real time. It enhances the customer experience by helping users visualise what they’re doing, assisting to onboard new customers, provide remote collaboration, improve issue resolution, and allow for remote selling. Co-browsing also improves the work for customer support employees who can provide faster and easier assistance.

Attendant Console

Phone calls remain a crucial part of customer interaction and engagement. Attendant consoles offer superior call routing and distribution for a more streamlined and professional approach. Simplifying call handling provides seamless call distribution, queue management and toggling functionality, all resulting in less time on the phone for the customer and a faster resolution.

You can learn more about these customer experience tools and how they can work for your business by speaking with the experts at Voitec today. Contact us for a consultation.