Voitec Partners with Surfly for Even Better Client Outcomes


At Voitec, we are excited about our strategic partnership with Surfly.

Surfly offers an advanced co-browsing technology that allows you to share your browser in real time, video chat with clients, and share documents securely to promote exceptional customer experiences. Their technology can help you improve myriad aspects of your business, from sales to customer experience, and even workplace positivity.

Voitec is proud to partner with Surfly. After undertaking our own thorough vetting process, we have complete peace of mind that their technology will offer myriad benefits to many of our clients. Voitec does not choose to partner with just any company; we choose only those organisations that are as dedicated to superior quality products and services as we are.

What is Surfly?

Surfly is a brilliant co-browsing technology that allows you to access all the benefits of a digital experience alongside a more traditional contact centre. This means that you can retain your existing contact centre system, whilst offering your customers all the advantages of Surfly’s digital co-browsing experience.

Surfly also comes with a number of fantastic features. Document sharing allows you to share files with your customers with ease, while the action log ensures that all agents are accountable for their sessions. Managers will be able to monitor the interactions and conversations between agents and customers. Surfly also offers a video chat feature, adding a human element to your customers’ experience which will, in effect, increase engagement.

Surfly also offers features that allow the technology to be easily integrated with your website, meaning you can communicate with your customers without having to switch platforms. The compliance, on-premises data storage and 24/7 monitoring will also allow you to promote safe and secure interactions with customers.

With all these features, and more, Surfly offers amazing client outcomes by letting you seamlessly share your web browser with the customer. This lets you easily solve issues and communicate effectively with customers.

Exceeding Expectations and Driving Relationships

These days, people expect everything to work—from technological solutions through to software and machinery. When everything is not working, it is still possible to exceed their expectations. How, you ask? By collaborating with your clients to help them resolve their problems themselves.

Surfly helps to facilitate this. It helps you, help your clients, help themselves!

By using Surfly, you can assist your clients remotely on a website, without ever having to set anything up, or asking them to install any additional software. The magic of Surfly is its interactive nature—not the technology itself. Surfly helps you ensure that your client interactions and service are drive by conversations, not by software. It helps to empower you and your clients forge a better relationship, enables you to exceed your client’s expectations, and enables your clients to be more self-sufficient. 

The Benefits of Surfly 

Surfly is an all-encompassing co-browsing technology with an array of benefits for both you and your customers.

The main benefits of Surfly’s co-browsing technology lie in the level of customer service and satisfaction that the technology provides. More than anything, Surfly encourages personalised and specific experiences for all customers. This means that customers are likely to keep coming back because they feel valued and recognised. It also allows you to follow your customer’s journey and notice any specific areas where they might be having difficulty.

This technology also minimises the amount of time it takes for customers to reach customer service agents, allowing your customers to solve issues in less time and with less hassle. By easily sharing your web browser with customers, Surfly lets you see the precise issue your customer is experiencing, allowing you to solve it with speed and efficiency.

As an advanced digital co-browsing technology that can be integrated into your existing system, Surfly allows you to significantly reduce implementation and overhead costs compared to competitors. The nature of the technology also means implementation is extremely quick and easy.

By promoting better client outcomes and customer experiences Surfly has also proven that it allows for an increasingly positive work environment for managers and agents who utilise the technology.

With all the benefits that Surfly offers, we are extremely excited to partner with them to offer the best service and outcomes for all our clients.

Who Can Use Surfly?

Anyone can use Surfly, but support teams, advisors and sales teams are likely to find the most benefits from Surfly’s implementation.

Surfly is perfect for Sales Teams because it allows you to build strong relationships that often lead to returning customers and an overall increase in revenue. When customers feel valued, we’ve found that they are more likely to be satisfied with the customer service that they receive. With Surfly’s video chat technology customers and customer service agents are able to foster a tighter bond through an in-person meeting experience.

For advisors or teams involved in professional services, Surfly’s co-browsing technology allows you to address your customer’s inquiries and queries in a way that minimises the time taken to complete a sale by up to fifty percent. Surfly will also allow advisors or professional service teams to communicate with customers in a variety of geographical regions around the clock. This allows you to offer incredible customer solutions to a broad range of clients.

Miscommunication is the most difficult obstacle to navigate when working customer support, and can lead to a lack of satisfaction amongst customer. The co-browsing technology available with Surfly allows you to seamlessly communicate with customers on a personal level and guide them through their issues with ease.

Further Information

Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about how Surfly’s co-browsing technology could benefit your business. We are extremely excited to partner with Surfly to provide outstanding outcomes for clients and an increasingly integrated approach to customer service.