What is Screen Recording Software and How Can it Help me Improve Customer Service?

Customer Service

Screen recording software (sometimes also referred to as screen capture software) records desktop activity. It allows you to film anything that is happening on your screen, so you can complete tasks or navigate websites and generate a recording of your movements.

Screen recordings, or screencasts, can be utilised in a variety of ways in a business environment, including creating how-to tutorials for new software, or onboarding new employees.

Video is the most effective and efficient way to complete these tasks, conveying information in an easy-to-understand format that shows the necessary steps more succinctly than other modes of communication, such as written instructions or a series of images. For showing someone how to do something on a computer, screen recordings are the best option.

For businesses looking to introduce screen recording software to their daily operations, there are several features they should look for. These features include the ability to record both the entire screen, or just a particular area of the screen or browser window. This gives users more flexibility when recording.

An easy-to-use interface is important so that everyone within the business can quickly learn how to use the screen recording software and feels confident utilising the technology. Options such as annotating the recorded footage with captions, drawing on the footage with arrows, and similar functions are helpful for increasing clarity and ensuring the message is clearly conveyed.

Another good feature to consider is the ability to concurrently record audio through the computer microphone or another system, allowing you to add a voiceover to the video.

Screen recording software can dramatically improve the customer service experience, allowing businesses to quickly and easily convey information to customers, and to better train staff to assist customers with problems.

Onboarding New Staff Members

New employees can be more quickly trained in complicated computer systems and processes by watching screen recordings of current employees in the same role fulfilling these tasks. This is called a “flipped” model of instruction, when employees can receive information up front and learn in their own time, before receiving more hands-on training with a supervisor who can answer questions and cover any areas where the new staff member is unsure.

Additionally, all training videos made by employees can be kept in an internal knowledge base for other staff members to access. This allows employees at any level of experience to refresh their understanding of certain processes or upskill in a new area.

Empowering employees to take control of their own on-the-job learning leads to staff members feeling a greater sense of ownership of their role, and an easily accessible bank of training videos is an efficient way of keeping a team engaged and constantly learning. This in turn leads to better trained teams who are capable of providing a high level of service to customers.

Help Customers Troubleshoot Problems

Screen recordings can be used in the customer service setting during live engagements with consumers. Customer service agents can use screen recordings in a variety of ways, including showing customers how to access something on the business website, how to troubleshoot a problem with their digital product, and more.

A video leaves less room for confusion or interpretation than a chunk of written text in an email or chat box. It is also often faster to make a screen recording than to type out complicated instructions. Customers appreciate the clear instructions offered by video recordings, especially if they are accompanied by voice-over or caption instructions for greater clarity.

Demonstrate Your Product To Customers

Demonstrating products visually through screen recordings is more effective than written content, allowing all the features of a product to be highlighted and shown in their full capacity. Customers get a greater sense of a new product when they can watch a demonstration of the tool in action.

New customers can be onboarded using an engaging series of short videos that step them through the process of using a digital product, increasing customer satisfaction and lowering the chance of new customers needing to contact customer service with problems or questions. These recordings can be made quickly and easily, allowing businesses to tailor them to specific customers for a more personalised approach.

Improve business efficiency

Customer service operations can be improved by utilising screen recording software to identify areas for improvement. Organisations can record their employees’ screens during the workday and later analyse them for possible areas of inefficiency.

Perhaps a certain process currently requires multiple clicks, but a simple change to the system would mean this common process is completed in just one or two. Saving time, even in small amounts, adds up to improved productivity in the long term.

Employees also enjoy more streamlined processes, so increases to efficiency can improve customer service agents’ job satisfaction as well.