5 Tips for Choosing the Best Cloud Service Desk Software for Your Business

female customer service agent working at desk

Are you considering implementing cloud service desk software? There are many benefits to using cloud-based technology for your customer service desk, but it’s important to understand how this software can work best for you.

Customer service desks offer a multi-faceted support offering to your customers and clients. They incorporate many methods for communication with customers and improve the service experience with smart analytics and the advantages of artificial intelligence. Cloud service desks offer all the advantages of a sophisticated customer experience without the need for a physical location. They provide businesses with greater flexibility and efficiency, increasing productivity and driving profitability for companies in all sectors.

Cloud service desks enhance the customer experience by offering fast and around-the-clock service to customers anywhere in the world. With omni-channel interactions, customers can contact a business using their preferred method. Automation and the use of AI allows customers to utilise self service facilities. This allows for 24/7 customer support and frees live agents to focus on more complex issues.

Employees also benefit from the flexibility and remote work possibilities presented by cloud-based technology. Team members can choose their own hours and work from home. Cloud service desk software is optimised to make live agents’ jobs easier, removing many mundane and repetitive tasks and offering more interesting customer interactions. This creates greater employee satisfaction and higher efficiency, resulting in a strong and successful business.

When choosing the best cloud service desk software for your business, there are some key factors to consider.

1) Consider Your Goals

Before purchasing cloud service desk software, it is vital that a business gains a thorough understanding of what they hope to achieve by implementing this technology. To do this, they should consider what type of support they want to offer their customers and what working style they want for employees. They should also take stock of their current customer service offering and work out what they want to continue with, and what needs to change.

2) Involve Multiple Decision-Makers

Gaining insights from multiple sections of the business and forming a cross-functional team of decision-makers ensures that the chosen technology will work for every department in the organisation. It also helps to give staff a feeling of ownership over the new system, making them more likely to fully embrace the software.

Successful businesses know that taking a top-down approach to decision making doesn’t always lead to good results. The people who will use this technology – your customer service agents – should be involved in the process of choosing new software from the beginning. They are best placed to determine what will work on a day-to-day basis. Other people to involve include personnel from IT, HR, sales and marketing. All will be able to offer their own insights into what the business needs and what customer expectations are.

3) Choose Features That Will Work For You

Cloud customer service software options can include lots of features, but not all of them will necessarily be relevant to every business. It is important to prioritise key features that will be beneficial to your company and employees, and to avoid overloading the staff using the platform with unnecessary features.

Some key features to consider include:

  • reporting functionality to analyse results
  • record keeping to track customer purchasing and contact history
  • cross-team collaboration functionality to allow sharing of resources
  • knowledge bases so new or inexperienced staff can seek out support.

4) Find A Personalised Solution

Customers prefer a personalised and tailored approach to customer service. Modern consumers can recognise an out-of-the-box solution that isn’t well suited to their needs. Choose a cloud service desk option that offers customisation so you can personalise the service and ensure it aligns with your existing workflows.

Although automated processes and AI-powered chat bots offer speed and convenience, many customers still enjoy a more personalised touch. Customised software options allow you to tailor your communication methods – whether driven by a live agent or not – to create a sense of personable support, enhancing your business’ reputation and brand.

5) Ensure You Have Access To Support

Some software options will assist you with installing a new product and then never be heard from again. Before making a decision, ensure that the software provider is able to deliver high-quality and fast tech support in case something goes wrong. This keeps your new system from experiencing any downtimes and the associated loss of business and revenue. If the provider doesn’t have a strong network of support people, consider a different option.

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