Voitec Continues to Drive the Customer Experience in Australia and New Zealand with Surfly

Voitec Surfly Strategic Partnership Co-Browsing

Today Voitec announced a strategic partnership with Surfly, the world’s leading provider of co-browsing technology. As part of the partnership, Voitec enables organisations in Australia and New Zealand to drive the customer experience through Surfly’s universal co-browsing technology.

“Together with Voitec, we will be able to put the power of Surfly’s universal co-browsing in the hands of companies that are looking for ways to improve the digital experience across their online portals,” said Nicholas Piël, CEO and founder, Surfly.

“Technology continues to drive innovation and we are excited to introduce Surfly into our portfolio of innovative customer experience solutions. Surfly offers web sharing, co-browsing and enables remote collaboration in a way that will change how organisations offer customer service and sales. Surfly is a compelling proposition, it helps to build customer loyalty, drive higher Net Promoter Scores (NPS), drive efficiencies and deliver real value to sales teams and support teams alike,’” said Mark Owens, Managing Director, Voitec.

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