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Voitec Partners with Peak Amplify

Take Customer Experience to the Next Level for Businesses in Australia and New Zealand Improving customer experience and driving business performance with Webex Calling Software distributor, Voitec announces a strategic partnership with Peak Amplify for Webex Calling Wallboard and Analytics products. Peak Amplify is an Australian, award-winning Cisco Software Development Partner, providing software add-ons, integration

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artificial intelligence

Why AI Will Transform How Customer Service Teams Work

The customer service experience is being transformed by the use of smart artificially intelligent solutions that enhance the way that customers can interact with organisations. AI, or Artificial Intelligence, uses computers to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind. It can be used to provide fast and effective service to customers, including

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man having virtual meeting

Top Tips for Implementing a Virtual Assistant or Agent

Are you considering using a virtual assistant or virtual agent to assist in your business operations? Virtual assistant technology can offer multiple benefits to a busy and complex organisation, improving productivity, processes, and reducing risk. Virtual assistant technology can assist a business to provide comprehensive support to staff and create an enhanced customer experience. They

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woman recording video

The Rising Importance of Visual Engagement in Customer Experience

Visual engagement is a form of customer interaction that relies on visuals, including images and video content. It allows organisations to more effectively interact with customers through digital channels, using technology such as co-browsing, video, screen sharing, and annotations. There are many advantages to using visual engagement as part of the customer service experience. The

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How Can Live Chat Support Improve Your Customer Service?

Live chat support is an instantaneous messaging service that allows businesses to engage with visitors to their website in real time. It can be used to initiate conversations with first-time website visitors, to interact with returning customers, and to support users who may be experiencing problems. Many businesses around the world use live chat to

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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Cloud Service Desk Software for Your Business

Are you considering implementing cloud service desk software? There are many benefits to using cloud-based technology for your customer service desk, but it’s important to understand how this software can work best for you. Customer service desks offer a multi-faceted support offering to your customers and clients. They incorporate many methods for communication with customers

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